First Census of Marine Life 2010 – Highlights of a Decade of Discovery
Ian Poiner (AIMS)

The first Census of Marine Life will be completed in December 2010 and shows life in Planet Ocean is richer, more connected and more impacted than expected.  The first Census of Marine Life (CoML 2010) is one of the largest scientific collaborations ever conducted; more than 2,700 Census scientists spent over 9,000 days at sea on more than 540 expeditions, plus countless days in labs and archives.  The goal was to assess and explain the diversity, distribution and abundance of marine life and developed novel technologies to complete the research..  It addressed three questions: What lived in the ocean? What lives in the ocean? What will live in the ocean?

The objectives of this symposium are:

  1. Report on the outcomes of CoML 2010 but with particular focus on Australia’s contributions and outcomes relevant to Australasia, including projects such as: CReefs, HMAP, TOPP, CAML, OBIS, COMARGE, CenSeam, GBR Biodiversity, Australian NRIC and BOL; and,
  2. Have a facilitated discussion on Australian involvement in a proposed second Census (CoML 2010) including participation in the CoML supported open science meeting to be held in association with the Second World Congress on Marine Biodiversity (September 2011, Aberdeen), including topics such as;

A. What and where are the next scientific priorities for researching the “oceans present” with regards to diversity, distribution and abundance?

B. What are the next scientific priorities for researching the oceans past and oceans future?

C. What are the next steps for technology and data management in the field of marine biodiversity research?

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