Improving partnerships between estuarine researchers, managers and community groups
Fiona Valesini (Murdoch University)

This symposium will focus on the types of estuarine research, from single to multi- or trans-disciplinary studies, that are most important for establishing effective management strategy evaluation frameworks for estuarine managers in Australia.  It will also focus on the role of the community in supporting the maintenance/improvement of estuarine ecological, social and economic values.

The following types of presentations are invited;

A: different examples of research, from single to multiple disciplines, that have been developed to (i) better understand and assess the function and/or health status of estuarine ecosystems, (ii) maintain or improve estuarine health, including remediation approaches or (iii) understand human usage patterns, social values and/or community perception with respect to estuaries, and

B: case studies or examples from both environmental managers and community groups that address the extent to which (i) research outcomes are providing effective decision support tools for estuarine management and opportunities for community education, respectively, and/or (ii) partnerships between management and community groups are successful.

Finally, there will be an open forum discussion of the requirements and pathways for achieving more effective partnerships among estuarine researchers, managers and community groups.

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